How you can get involved with the Overberg Lowlands Conservation Trust

How you can get involved with the Overberg Lowlands Conservation Trust

You have been asking how you can become more involved in supporting the OLCT and in response to this, we have launched a new set of webpages which offer a range of options.

The Overberg Lowlands Conservation Trust has gone from strength to strength during our infant years. Since we were established, we have achieved some exciting things: we have initiated two pilot conservation easements, engaged with several landowners, discovered six new plant species, and established a Renosterveld Reserve and the first-ever Renosterveld Research & Visitor Centre. We sold the naming rights to a newly-discovered flower, we were awarded a Ford Wildlife Foundation vehicle, we received two prestigious conservation awards, and we recently secured significant funding from Nedbank Green Trust to catalyse a watercourse / corridor restoration project. These achievements are slowly translating in hectares of renosterveld being spared from the plough, being managed more sustainably, and ultimately being committed to conservation in perpetuity.

Although we have made some significant positive steps towards Renosterveld conservation, we still have an enormous amount of work to do, if we are to halt the extinction spiral. We can assure you, however, that we are here to stay! For the sake of our precious lowlands and all the incredible biodiversity which these systems support, we will continue to dream fearlessly and passionately and to make these dreams come true. But without your incredible philanthropic support, none of this would be possible. Please consider the options presented here, as a way to continue your support of our work. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

Make a Donation

Make a secure donation to the Overberg Renosterveld Conservation Trust, of however much you can afford, to protect the threatened Renosterveld in the Overberg.

Become a Friend

Friends of the ORCT are there to provide a support-base to the fundraising initiatives of the ORCT.

Set up a Tribute Fund

A Tribute Fund is set up in order to honour a special individual who has passed away. The Fund is set up in a manner that enables friends and relatives of the individual after whom the Fund is named to contribute towards growing the Fund and becoming part of the cause that this Fund supports.