Latest Renosterveld News

Latest Renosterveld News


Newsletter 33 | April 2024

by Dr Odette Curtis-Scott.

Our urgent wind farm appeal, following a third Black Harrier death

The first quarter of 2024 is behind us now – it has been jam-packed and productive; and as a result, this Earth Day we have several stories to share. As is often the case in conservation, our latest news is a combination of happy and sad news, but we feel it’s important that you, as a renosterveld supporter, are aware of the hardships as well as the successes that we experience on the ‘coalface’. Our happy news includes the signing of a new conservation easement, a successful restoration effort (through fire) and more visits to our Veld School by local children. Our sad news includes the loss of another tagged Black Harrier to a wind turbine collision. And, some bitter-sweet news on our lovely intern, Nande Notyalwa, who is moving on to pursue exciting endeavours in her education. Thank you, Nande, for two wonderful years – we are going to miss you very much. We wish you much success in the pursuit of your Master’s degree and good luck in Ozzie-land! Kind regards, Odette Curtis-Scott Overberg Renosterveld Conservation Trust PS. Birders – there are loads of interesting news items included in our April newsletter, from birding opportunities, to threats to Southern Black Korhaan and Black Harriers. So read on for more.