Latest Renosterveld News

Latest Renosterveld News


Newsletter 23, Dec 2020

by Dr Odette Curtis-Scott.

A startling spring and summer; And check these Renosterveld gifting ideas…

This has been a spring and early summer season to remember. We’ve seen Renosterveld species flower that haven’t flowered for years during the drought. And we’ve seen a show more prolific than we ever could’ve imagined. 
My colleagues, Grant and Petra, have shared their spring experiences in this newsletter. They bring Renosterveld to life in these colourful blogposts. And capture why I couldn’t receive any better Christmas present than seeing how our Renosterveld landscapes came alive over the past few months.
Of course, it’s not all good news. The transformation of Renosterveld for agricultural purposes remains one of the biggest threats. We’ve also seen evidence of over-grazing, and the incorrect use of herbicide. 
As the ORCT, we can continue to respond to these threats. 
– We work closely with farmers (as can be seen in the number of hectares we have signed into conservation easements to date) to support good Renosterveld management. 
– We facilitate Renosterveld research. 
– And we closely monitor the remaining Renosterveld parcels, including the wildlife living here.  
To all our donors and friends, thank you! We couldn’t do this without your help. Here’s to a wonderful festive season to you and your families. We look forward to 2021 – and a big year for biodiversity!