Awareness & Education

One cannot love what one does not understand.

One cannot understand if one is not shown.

Unknown author

Because we don’t think about future generations, they will never forget us.

Henrik Tikkanen

This could not be truer for our often neglected and under-appreciated Renosterveld.

After many years of working with farmers, it has become apparent that creating awareness among the farming communities and addressing conservation issues with farmers on a one-on-one basis is the one and only means to getting landowners to lend Renosterveld a sympathetic ear. Several landowners have commented that since working with us and since we have ‘shown’ them what they had in their veld, a whole new world has opened up for them and they are now hungry for more knowledge and more management advice.

Landowners across the Overberg are realizing the fragile state of our Renosterveld and are slowly starting to commit to conserving these critical remnants.

However, we have a long road to travel and without continuously building and maintaining these relationships, Renosterveld will continue on its downward spiral. We use various mediums to communicate our message, from the creation of a short movie about our work, to regular presentations at Farmer’s meetings and other interest groups, to the production of various reading material, such as management guidelines, published articles, and annual reports.

Currently, we are working on producing a mini-field guide, which will include information about Renosterveld management and conservation. We are partnering with Birdlife South Africa, the Botanical Society of South Africa, the Overberg Crane Group, SAB Better Barley Project, and WWF-SA, with funding from each of these partners, as well as Sijnn Wines, in order to print and distribute these important tools among the Overberg farmers.