The 100% Green Christmas Gift

The 100% Green Christmas Gift

How many times have you been looking for that ultimate green Christmas gift for your environmentally or conservation conscious friend or relative?

Every time I find these so called eco-gifts, I realise they are not all that green. For example, a rather dull and uninspiring memory stick made of bamboo instead of plastic, still requires energy for its production, it has a considerable carbon footprint, as many of these items are made in China, and at the end of its lifespan it still creates waste that ends up in a landfill.

Our Sponsor a Petal campaign is truly 100% green! It has a zero carbon footprint – no energy was needed for its production and transport, and not even a drop of petrol to drive to the mall. Just a tiny amount of electricity to go online and order one or more of our six threatened Petals under our custodianship now!

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Sponsor a Petal Xmas campaignYou will not only gift the most green Christmas present you can find, but you will also support the conservation of the Critically Endangered Lowlands Renosterveld.

We will even email you a Petal certificate, so you can email this to the recipient of this original eco-gift or if you really have to, print it and make it into a pretty scroll. However, your gift will then only be 99% green 😉

Certificate example Sponsor a Petal Xmas campaign